The Leather Working Group (LWG) and Leather Naturally (LN) are introducing a global initiative to encourage organizations within the leather industry to positively promote leather.

As their first collaborative initiative, World Leather Day 2022 will be launched on March 30, with the aim of getting everyone talking about leather, raising awareness about the positive attributes of leather, and encouraging the industry to participate in next year’s event. World Leather Day 2022 conveys the core message that Leather is a durable, versatile, and upcycled material.

“Leather Working Group is centered around positive collaboration, and we are proud to be one of the initiating partners of World Leather Day. It is an exciting communications event that aims to raise awareness and give the industry a well-deserved moment of positive press,” said Christina Trautmann, Head of the LWG.

Over the years, the leather industry has suffered from a lack of communication, which has impacted the understanding of people outside of the industry. But a future with greater connectivity, transparency, and communication provides our industry with the opportunity to convey our own image. This is one of the key drivers for World Leather Day.

To get people talking about leather, a visually engaging social media toolkit has been created to convey the four core messages of World Leather Day 2022. Whether your organization is a leather manufacturer, brand, retailer, or supplier to the industry, you can request the social media toolkit and share it on your social media. The toolkit has also been constructed with different languages in mind, so you can translate specific elements into the language of your choice.

You can request the social media toolkit today by contacting Sonja van der Wiel at Leather Naturally.

As World Leather Day 2022 is only just around the corner, both LWG and LN recognize that many organizations across the sector would want to get involved in 2023. The plan is to have a much wider-reaching campaign that would involve multiple partners and signatories. To get involved in next year’s World Leather Day, contact Debbie Burton at Leather Naturally.