IULTCS Press release

The International Union Research Commission of the IULTCS has decided to extend the application deadline for the "Young Leather Scientist Award" – a Research Grant totaling €1,000 – from the end of August until October 15. Dr. Zugno, Chair of the IUR, said: "We have already received a great deal of interest in this Award including a number of applications, but we recognize that due to summer holidays a number of people and organizations only start functioning in earnest in September. We would like to ensure all prospective students are given adequate opportunity to apply". Review of the awards will now be completed by the IUR in early November and announcement of the Award recipient will be made at the end of November.

Announcement of the Research Grant was made in July of this year. The Award supports the founding purpose of the IULTCS which is to encourage technology, chemistry, and science of leather. Details of eligibility requirements, application procedure, and necessary documentation are available on the IULTCS website (www.iultcs.org) under the Research-IUR link.

The IULTCS encourages leaders in the industry to bring notice of the award and extended deadline to any institutions and individuals who are committed to research and the advancement of understanding of leather.