The CTC Group recorded an increase in turnover for the fifth year running. Growth of 8% in 2003 has resulted in the group’s turnover doubling over the past five years. Thanks to CTC’s increased activity in the international market, the sales figures have become, for the first time, greater than the group’s collective finances. In fact, the sales figures have allowed the group to re-balance a deficit in their finances and have allowed the group to spend more on research, the true reason for the CTC’s existence.

The group’s international development has been marked by an extension of CTC Vietnam, growth at CTC Asia and the opening of an office in Tunisia. 2003 was also marked by the inauguration in mid-September of the Campus Européen Cuir Chaussure Maroquinerie. 2004 will also see new premises in Asia and the opening of CTC USA.

In 2003, the CTC renewed all their COFRAC accreditations and their AFAQ ISO 9001 certification and successfully adopted the ISO 2000 standard as the norm. The group has also completed their internal reorganisation into four operating divisions: quality, safety and environment; processes; products; and training and information.