Balmer Lawrie & Co Ltd, Kolkata based Indian corporate conglomerate, are engaged in a diverse range of activities ranging from services such as cargo and container freight to manufacturing as in industrial packaging to performance chemicals. Established in 1867 by two Scottish gentlemen Balmer & Lawrie, the company have an unchequered history of more than one hundred and forty years.

Leather Chemicals, a division of Balmer Lawrie established in 1980s, is now two and half decades old. As a company having their head office in the environs of a leather cluster they have indigenously developed synthetic fatliquor technology in association with one of India’s premier national laboratories (CLRI) which is dedicated to leather research. Balmer Lawrie enjoy a market reputation and leadership in the chosen field of synthetic and semi-synthetic fatliquors.

To care for the customer needs, the company have well a established dealers’ network, technical service centres at tannery clusters, a well equipped R&D centre with state of the art facilities and modern plant to produce consistent quality products supported by quality and dedicated manpower.

To meet ever increasing customer requirements, the division is expanding its production capacity and development of premium range of fatliquors at affordable prices. To meet ever increasing customer demand, the division established a synthetic tanning agent manufacturing facility during 1990s.

The company are also planning to offer sophisticated finishing chemicals and dyes to their customers. The division put a quality management system in place in 1997. Now it is in the process of implementing an integrated management system encompassing quality, environment and occupational health and safety.

The company’s R&D is working on a formaldehyde free tanning system and enzymatic products and processes, to address the environmental concerns. They have already launched four syntans Balsyn RDFF, Balsyn CRFF, Balsyn ALFF and Balsyn MR50FF. For further details please contact []