From March 1-4, 2005, the fourth CPM – Collection Premiere Moscow will be held at the Krasnaya Presnaya Expocentr exhibition centre in Moscow, Russia. After the final cancellation of Moda Moscow in February, CPM is now the leading fashion fair in Russia and showcase for international brands. There will be 21 countries participating: Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, India, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Lebanon, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, USA.

Twelve national group stands will represent: Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.

In addition to the fashion shows, there will also be a fashion night on March 1 at the Club Osen.

There will also be two seminars for visitors: Analysis of current fashion trends and Visual Merchandising as an effective vehicle to grow sales volume in fashion retail. And for exhibitors: Effective Merchandise Management in Fashion Industry and Trend Forecasting.

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