A Russian team of experts will be in attendance to advise customers and to inform them about our innovative new developments and our extensive range of established, high-quality products.

Eusapon OC is a universal, high-performance, environmentally-friendly degreasing agent that can be employed at all stages of the beamhouse process. This new product has all the technical, economic and advantages of Eusapon OD, which is well known in the industry, but it has even higher emulsifying power. Eusapon OC is the second degreasing agent that BASF have developed especially for the leather and fur industry.

Lepton Enhancer CP allows foam finishes to be applied by less complicated techniques such as spraying or reverse roll coating. This new finishing auxiliary gives an excellent fill and excellent coverage, even on low-quality crust, and the leather responds well when it is embossed. The result is that the leather has a natural appearance and a pleasant handle.

Relugan Soft HF combines the advantages of polymeric retanning agents with those of synthetic fatliquors. The result is that the leather is so soft across its whole area that fatliquors based on natural oils can be reduced or eliminated completely. Leather that has been treated with this product fulfils the highest standards of migration resistance, lightfastness and heat resistance, and Relugan Soft HF is very low-fogging and has a low VOC content. It is an excellent choice for use on all types of soft leather, especially automotive leather and upholstery leather. Relugan Soft HF also opens up new possibilities in the manufacture of shoe upper leather and garment leather, because it enables washable leather and low-density leather to be produced.

Relugan GM is a tanning agent supplied by BASF that provides high performance at a low price. It is easy to handle, which makes it the first choice as a low-cost tanning agent for wet-white. Another advantage of this new glutardialdehyde tanning agent is that it penetrates quickly and evenly through the skin and the leather, especially leather that is dyed to white and pastel shades, responds well to dyeing. Leather that has been tanned with Relugan GM is distinguished by its full, soft handle and its fine grain pattern. Relugan GM can be employed in pretannages and retannages and it can be applied to all types of

leather, especially automotive leather and upholstery leather.