The laboratory was primarily set up to cater to the requirements of Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.

However, it now performs tests, within the scope of its accreditation on products manufactured by Clariant affiliates as well. It ensures that the products comply with the company’s own stringent guidelines and the health, safety and environmental legislation of the various countries. This includes the new European chemicals regulation REACH.

Leather, textile and paper products including dyes and pigments, together with various industrial and fine chemicals are all tested at the laboratory. The ability to test in-house has also enabled the company to make significant annual cost savings. Dr Dileep Wakankar, head of CPS, expressed why CPS is so important in the global context: ‘Mounting awareness and concern for consumer and environmental protection, together with increasingly stringent statutory regulations, retailer standards and various eco-labeling requirements, have made product safety testing a pre-requisite for doing business in today’s market.’

There are subtle differences between ISO certification and ISO accreditation. While certification is for the whole organisation, accreditation is for a specific laboratory and for specific tests. The CPS Lab has been accredited for 23 different tests. ISO 17025 accreditation not only assures established management systems, but also proves competency in testing.