As a late consequence of Clariant’s spin-off from Sandoz in 1995, the Leather Business is required to rename all products starting with the prefix &bsquo;Sand-&bsquo; within their product portfolio. The official launch of the new brand names is June 1, 2007, and the rebranding process is scheduled to be completed by January 1, 2008. The company stress that the different names will offer the same excellence.

The change applies for the following international wet end chemicals:

Current Brand Name New Brand Name

Sandolix WWL pa Dermalix WWL pa

Sandotan CSC p Tanicor CSC p

Sandotan NE p Tanicor NE p

Sandotan SCU liq Tanicor SCU liq

Sandotan SG p Tanicor SG p

Sandotan VX p Tanicor VX p

Within the Wet End Dyes Clariant have taken the opportunity to revise their dye strategy and to streamline their product portfolio to be successfully prepared for the ambitious challenges of today’s leather processing industry such as quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. Sandoderm dyes will be merged together with a complementary selection of other well-known leather dyes into a completely new range: Melioderm. This outstanding range is highly versatile and covers all dyeing needs with only one range.

All products, their quality and performance remain totally unchanged.

For further information please get in touch with your Clariant partner