The Portuguese Technological Centre for the Leather Industry (CTIC) was formally created in 1992 under the initiative of the Portuguese Leather Association (APIC) – with support from 54 Portuguese leather companies and with the help of government. CTIC is a technical institute, which promotes technical innovation for the Portuguese leather industry. It is a reference point for national tanneries for all activities related to R&D, quality control, and technical training. CTIC provides the necessary technical support for increased competitiveness of the Portuguese leather sector.

The main activity of CTIC is continuous development and testing of new technologies for improving manufacturing efficiency, product development and evaluation of environmental impact. CTIC also provides other services such as implementation of quality management systems, technical support for health and safety best practices, and monitoring of effluent discharges.

The CTIC Laboratories are accredited according to the standard NP EN 17025 for performing tests in accordance with IU/ISO, EN, ASTM and other internationally recognised standards. CTIC also provides regular information and training courses specifically addressed to the tanning sector.

On joining the IULTCS, Dr Alcino Martinho, General Director of CTIC, said: ‘I am very pleased that CTIC is joining the IULTCS. I feel it is a mission accomplished. However, it is also only a beginning and we look forward to establishing new relationships and active participation in the initiatives of this prestigious International Union.’