DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise (DCSE) will showcase new leather substrates featuring Advanced Teflon leather protector tanning technology. Introduced in 2005, DuPont Advanced Teflon leather protector technology provides all leathers with distinctive features and benefits including unmatched washability and unique, durable dual-action stain and soil repel/release properties. Advanced Teflon has demonstrated potential in applications where waterproofing, breathability and oil and water repellency are desired, plus it offers excellent machine washability without losing the fine aesthetics of a natural leather product.

Now, as a result of extensive product and application development with leading tanneries, DuPont have announced the commercial availability of Advanced Teflon technology for ovine and pig substrates and a limited subset of bovine substrates to serve the garment, accessories, glove and upholstery industries.

DuPont representatives will be available to provide information about this technology.