When attempting to gauge the success or otherwise of the latest Tanning Tech in Bologna it is first necessary to put the various exhibitions into context. Traditionally Tanning Tech has been held alongside the autumn edition of Lineapelle which is by far the bigger of the two biannual events. The two shows combined led to a full fairground with gridlocked car parks, traffic jams, long taxi queues and a shortage of hotel accommodation.

The spring edition of lineapelle has always been smaller than the autumn edition and is currently running at a reduced level over past years. It is still a sizeable show, however, and the exhibitors at Lineapelle are also the prospective customers of the suppliers in the technology halls. Visitor numbers at Lineapelle were almost certainly down on the previous spring edition with a very quiet first day, a normal busy second day and, then, numbers dropping off again on the third.

Despite the last afternoon being quiet in visitor terms, the exhibitors are strongly discouraged from packing up early so this is a full three-day fair. Simac and Tanning Tech followed along on traditional lines, staying open for the morning of the fourth day. Both were also greatly reduced and occupying roughly the same space together as each fair would have managed on its own in the good old days. Despite this, the only real venue for a full-scale tanning machinery exhibition is in Bologna and decision-makers from some major league tanners could be seen visiting the machinery manufacturers there.

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