German tannery machinery manufacturers, BIMA Maschinenfabrik, have introduced a leather inspection table. The leather is stretched over the table using jets of compressed air, which can be adjusted.

The two models – 1700257 and larger 1700258 – stretch the leather so that it is easier to make out hidden faults on the grain or problems associated with uneven dyeing. The machine aims to aid the tanner or leather customer identify faults before the leather is cut and reduce expensive reworking.

The table is particularly useful when using leather parts, which are stretched in their end use, such as automotive upholstery seating. In such cases, faults often are detected only during construction or after final inspection, thus causing extra cost or claims.

Other benefits include the following:

* BIMA’s new Leather Inspection Table has been designed so that the clamping can be opened and closed by a swinging mechanism

* Fast transportation of the leather after area measurement

* The table has a safe working distance of 5mm allowing inspection of larger/thicker hides/skins

* It is possible to carry out area measurement away from the centre of the machine

* The inspection surface is in a sloping position to avoid missing faults

* It has an ergonomic design to be operator friendly

As an option, the BIMA Leather Inspection Table can be supplied with additional lighting. The light is housed in an aluminium reflector to provide an asymmetric distribution of luminous intensity and a constant distribution of light across the surface area.

Lamps with daylight colours are available so that dyeing and finishing faults can be recognised under simulated real life conditions.