Italian manufacturer Infragas Nova Impianti are leaders in catalytic technology with 25 years of experience in the production of thermic energy through catalytic combustion process of LPG and natural gas.

The advantages of catalytic system heating in leather finishing are: low running costs, reduced overall dimensions, maximum safety, no pollution, absence of suction caps and reduced maintenance.

The company’s production range includes: rotating and reciprocating spraying machines with electronic spraying control; over-flow curtain coater machines with stainless steel head; semi-automatic toggling machine with catalytic dryer system; all kinds of catalytic dryers for use after spraying machine, roller coating, curtain coater, padding machine etc.

The company’s machines are sold to many Italian tanneries and others all over the world.

Target drier

This model of drier has been designed in response to the clients need for driers with the following performance: higher temperature than steam driers; automatic temperature adjustment +-5°C; lower cost compared with driers with electrical heating systems; absence of flame burners; drying of skins using warm air only; and modular construction in order to specify the right treatment temperature for each module for each 2-3 metres of the hide length.

Definite about the objective they wanted to reach and thanks to the experience acquired in development of more than 1,400 plants and drying lines supplied across the world, Infragas developed their new drier with the following essential characteristics:

* Available in working widths from 1200 to 4000mm

* Length from 2000 to 4000mm, with independent and automatic temperature adjustment on each module

* Working temperature adjustment from 45°C to 200°C

* Low energy consumption

* Modular construction, enabling the tanner to add modules when necessary

* Maximum safety thanks to absence of open flame.

The various kinds of Target driers are suitable for drying skins after: spraying machines, roller coater, curtain coater and padding machine.

Furthermore, the Target drying system can also be used to modify or increase the capacity of existing lines or low temperature driers, and also to improve existing toggling driers, or to change the drying system on existing steam driers.


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