Blancorol RB liquid is a chrome-containing synthetic retanning material which can be used in the production of all types of leather. Leathers retanned with Blancorol RB liquid have a more brilliant colour than those treated with typical chrome syntans. The resulting leather is also free of the typical ‘green tinge’ normally imparted by such materials. Blancorol RB liquid is also outstandingly suitable for the fixation of water-repellent leathers, since it does not impair the water repellency.

Levotan FC 100 is a compact retanning material for chrome leathers with a good softening effect which is suitable for all soft types of leather. In particular, it is used for the manufacturing of full grain, smooth furniture upholstery and garment leathers and also for very soft splits. Because of its outstanding fastness properties, Levotan FC 100 can also be applied in the retannage of full grain, smooth automotive leathers. It makes the retanning process considerably shorter and simpler, as only one product is required for both the retannage and fatliquoring. It gives excellent softness, dry-drumming and good dyeing properties with outstanding dye levelness and high brilliance. It imparts a reduced water absorbency and uptake to the crust leathers, preserving the softness of the leathers during the finishing process.

Levotan XPS is a lightfast, heat-resistant and filling polymer retanning material with pronounced softening properties. The product is particularly suitable as an after-treatment or use in polymer and fatliquoring mixtures. This is applied in the production of soft leather types like softy upper, furniture upholstery and soft splits. Levotan XPS imparts a slight water-repellent effect to the crust and, therefore, gives a reduced absorption and water uptake. This helps keep the leather soft even during subsequent finishing operations. Treated leathers demonstrate a clearly increased degree of softness, have a uniform milling pattern and are lighter in weight with a mellow handle.

Retingan R10-C is an anionic resin tanning material compatible with all commonly-used anionic retanning materials. Due to its excellent filling properties, especially for the less densely structured parts of the skin, the cutting yield of the leather will be improved. Retingan R10-C provides leather with a fine and very smooth grain, very good buffing and embossing properties. It can be used for the production of garment, upholstery and shoe upper leather.

Retingan R16-C is a highly-concentrated, melamine-based resin tanning material suitable for both coloured and white leather. Due to its very good filling effect of the looser structured belly and flank areas, the cutting yield of the leather will be improved. It imparts a smooth, tight grain and very good buffing properties. For optimum performance, Retingan R 16-C should be used at a pH value of 5-6 and/or in combination with syntans that feature good dispersing properties. It is particularly suitable for the production of all thin, soft and dry-drummed types of leather.

Retingan R12-C is a dicyandiamid-based resin tanning material, suitable for applications with high requirements regarding the level of free formaldehyde. Retingan R12-C has good selective filling properties in particular for the looser structured parts of the skin. It is compatible with commonly-used vegetable and synthetic tanning materials and produces soft leather with a fine, tight and smooth grain.

Retingan R12 plus-C is a modified dicyandiamid resin tanning material with excellent selective filling properties. Due to the obtained tightening effect of the looser structured belly and flank areas, the cutting yield of the leather is improved. Beside the good buffing properties and a uniform and intense dyeing, it imparts good fullness and a fine and smooth grain. Retingan R12 plus-C is particularly suitable for the production of high quality nubuck and suede leather.

Tanigan HO/Tanigan HO liquid are anionic replacement syntans with excellent lightfastness and resistance to heat yellowing. They can be used in the retannage of all types of chrome leather and in synthetic tanning systems for white leather or added to vegetable tannages. In the production of white leather, Tanigan HO and Tanigan HO liquid provide good coverage and a high degree of whiteness and brilliant shades when dyeing chrome-tanned leathers.

Leathers treated with Tanigan HO and Tanigan HO liquid are firm with good fullness and grain elasticity and, due to its low astringency, the fine grain character of the leather is retained. When used in the retannage of chrome leather, Tanigan HO and Tanigan HO liquid are compatible with all common synthetic, resin and vegetable tanning materials and they have good dispersing properties for these products. When used in the vegetable tannage, Tanigan HO and Tanigan HO liquid lightens the colour of the leather and accelerate the penetration and dispersion of the tanning materials.

Tanigan NA-C is a phenole-based amphoteric syntan that can be used in all stages of retanning. Tanigan NA-C provides lightweight leather with a very intense and uniform dyeing, medium fullness, a smooth grain and a pleasant soft feel. Tanigan NA-C is particularly suitable for the production of sheep nappa, nubuck and suede leather.

Tanigan PAK is an anionic, neutralising tanning material with high buffering and neutralising capacity. Tanigan PAK can be used either alone or in combination with conventional neutralising agents, such as sodium bicarbonate and sodium formate, to neutralise all kinds of chrome leather. There is no risk of over-neutralisation of the outer layers, a major cause of loose grain, even when large amounts are added. Tanigan PAK has good resistance to light/heat yellowing, and the resultant light crust colour makes it ideal for white and pastel coloured leathers. Unlike conventional retanning materials, Tanigan PAK does not bleach dyeings with anionic dyestuffs and is therefore particularly suitable as a neutralising tanning material in the retannage of aniline leathers which require full brilliant and level shades with excellent lightfastness.

Tanigan XO-C is a phenolic replacement syntan suitable for the production of white and pale leather. It can be used as a sole product for tanning and also in combination with vegetable tanning materials where it improves the penetration and provides a lighter colour of the crust. In the retanning of chrome leather, it provides good fullness, a tight and fine grain and good lightfastness. The main use of Tanigan XO-C is the production of nappa, softy and aniline type leather.