Gozzini 1906 have constructed a new spray finishing cabin specifically designed to finish all types of leather, especially full upholstery hides. The new machine known as Galileo 03 is a more rounded shape than conventional units. The main advantage is that it reduces chemical waste.

Inside the Gozzini cabin, the ceiling has been lowered to reduce airborne waste by decreasing the internal volume. The shape also makes the unit easier to clean and the spray arms and guns are fitted with an automatic self-cleaning system. The fan has been relocated underneath the conveyor to save space.

Glass windows completely surround the spray area so that technicians will be able to monitor the finish recipe being applied to the leather. The remainder of the unit is made from stainless steel.

The carousel is fitted with 12 stainless steel arms. Each arm maybe fitted with up to four spray guns. Airless, HVLP and normal spray guns can all be used in the Galileo 03 dependant on application.