A fabulous cultural, artistic and human resource, this expertise ensures the quality of the ‘Made in France’ label and the national luxury goods industry. The retail sector, which lies downstream of this industry, is an important source of employment. The major labels as well as independent leather goods and footwear boutiques, chain stores and wholesalers seek to recruit increasingly well-qualified personnel.

Collectively they represent some €9 billion of turnover and employ around 53,000 people. The apprenticeship, longevity and transmission of this expertise is therefore of major importance for the industry, which needs to meet the growing needs in terms of human resources.

The French Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir) is continuing their work to promote the Leather Trades to young people. In association with CTC (The French Professional Development Committee for Leather, Footwear, Leather Goods) it will be present at the Aventure des Métiers careers show in Paris.

To attract young people there is nothing better than giving them a  demonstration of the crafts! The students and teachers of four schools in  the Greater Paris area will be present at the show. These include:

• Les Ateliers Grégoire (formerly école Grégoire Ferrandi) in Paris, which offers qualifications in leather goods production and a professional Baccalaureate in the leather trades, specialising in leather goods.

• Lycée d’Alembert in Paris, which runs a professional Baccalaureate in the leather trades, specialising in footwear, a BTS course in the Industry of flexible materials, with a footwear option, and offers qualifications in podiatry and shoemaking.

• Lycée Turquetil in Paris, which runs a professional Baccalaureate in the leather trades specialising in footwear plus qualifications in leather goods, in clothing made from skins.

• The CFA Campus des Métiers in Bobigny, which offers a qualification in shoemaking as well as Professional Baccalaureates in Retail and in sales.

The techniques that will be demonstrated include saddle stitching and a presentation of gauges and cutting techniques, which should give the future recruits an idea of how the major labels work. A film showing interviews with professionals from the sector will accompany the testimonies of the students.

Fashion fans will not be forgotten. Bags, trainers, iPad cases, shoes – a large range of products will be on display on the stand to remind visitors just how popular leather is in the fashion and interiors sectors. A selection of leather samples in a variety of finishes coming from a number of species will also be on display.

Through this workshop, young people will be able to learn more about this material which, although part of our daily life.

The French Leather Council (Conseil National du Cuir) is an inter-professional organisation of producers and users of leather, and by extension of all those who are involved in the production, use or retail of leather. Taking the form of a confederation, the CNC brings together 19 federations and professional unions of the French leather industry, ranging from the farming of livestock through to the finished products. In addition to defending the collective, material and moral interests of its members, the CNC also promotes the raw material itself and consumer goods made from it.

Students that have been won over will leave with a copy of CNC’s “Guide to the Leather Professions”. This completely new document is designed for young people, learning establishments and businesses and lists more than 100 professions and training courses.

Designed in association with the various federations of the sector, it includes all aspects of the leather market: tanning, footwear, leather goods and glove making. More than 165 schools and colleges in France offer a range of qualifications from post-16 diplomas to university level degrees. The 74 qualifications available across all the sectors of the leather industry to attract a variety of profiles: creative, commercial, engineers, craftsmen, marketing, etc.

L’Aventure des Métiers takes place November 22-25, 2012 from 9.30am to 6pm. Hall 7 Level 2 – Paris Porte de Versailles.

For more information visit www.lemondeducuir.org