Lightweight leather

Weight reduction is one of the basic prerequisites for new forms of mobility. Lightweight construction is even set to become a critical factor in the success of electric mobility. Essentially, this is because lower weight means both lower emissions and fuel consumption, and given the heavy batteries, a longer range for electric cars. Lanxess are presenting its X-Lite technology for the production of significantly lighter upholstery leather for automobiles but also for planes and trains at the ACLE. It is based on expandable microcapsules that are introduced into the fiber structure during the retannage and which are activated via an innovative process. After thermal expansion, it produces upholstery leathers that are no different from normal leather in terms of appearance, texture or wear resistance, but are up to 20% lighter, leading to greater fuel efficiency, higher load capacity and lower CO2 emissions for cars, planes and trains.

Less is more
The new UP (from ‘upholstery’) range enables leather manufacturers to satisfy the individual wishes of each customer without the need for complicated procedures. Finishes that are simple to formulate and easy to handle enable a wide range of different surface appearances and touches.

The innovative UP range consists of two compounds for base coats and four different top coat components to set the exact gloss level and surface touch required. As regards the two base coat compounds, Euderm Compact UP-SC is a general-purpose product that is especially suitable for full grain leathers, while Euderm Compact UP-E is the product of choice for corrected grain or embossed leathers. All the components of the UP range are NMP-free, simple to use, compatible and environment-friendly.

Natural elegance
Lanxess are presenting a new cationic prebottom range for the production of soft, natural and elegant leather for shoes, handbags and garments. ‘The particular advantage lies in the fact that these products are perfectly matched,’ says Bianca Verstegen, Head of Global Product Management Finishing in the Leather business unit. Finishes with a variety of effects, high transparency and a natural feel can be achieved through the combination of various cationic polyurethane dispersions, waxes, oils and protein binders. When used together, these products offer very good hiding power for small to medium-size defects.

 The Leather business unit is part of Lanxess’ Performance Chemicals segment, which posted sales of €2.13 billion in fiscal 2011.

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