At Tanning Tech, Assomac announced that their service company Assomac Servizi srl have prepared a master plan for the construction of a dedicated tanning district of Robaiki, near Cairo, which should double the production capacity of the industry.

The aim is to relocate all the tanneries from the area of Old Cairo to a new zone at Badr City, 45km outside Cairo.

This will be equipped with modern, environmentally-sound technology.

There is a pressing need for the removal of the tanning sector from the city. In addition to the usual disadvantages of tanning within city environs, the Old Cairo district is located near to a children’s hospital.

Talks actually began as long ago as 1952 but the site was not specified until five years ago. The plan is to relocate the city’s 120 existing tanneries in five stages over the next five years, beginning with those closest to the hospital.

Italy has a long experience of specific tanning regions as well as the technological know-how required, so who better to advise other countries.

The project is now ready to get underway due to financing by the Egyptian government and also Italian cooperation. Next month potential Italian investors and Unido representatives will visit the country to investigate possible joint ventures and subcontracting opportunities.