One of Türkiye’s oldest leather accessory manufacturers, MEB Deri are one of only two or three small leathergoods makers who tan their own cow and calf hides from the raw state.

This is a tough business, as MEB’s Ms Diler Ozcevik explained: ‘As a small producer, we cannot buy raw leather using quantity or group discounts and there are no economies to be gained here’, she stated.

The tannery was founded in 1917 and leathergoods production began in 1987. MEB became exclusive distributors in Türkiye for the Longchamp range of luxury leather items in 1996 and have increased the number of retail boutique outlets to 26 for the long-established Paris-based firm.

MEB’s own range consists of around 1,500 items per month in some 250 styles. These are classic and durable and require only seasonal modification.

MEB use first class leather, full grain and thoroughly natural looking. This helps even a small producer to cut costs because the leather needs no fancy clasps, clips or clutter. Clean lines, simple designs and smaller-size items have piping or a zipper but need nothing more to show off their pedigree.