Exhibitors at the 10th edition of Le Cuir A Paris in late February were up by 24% at 162, all top of the range specialists in leather and fur. They presented finished leathers (65%), textiles/synthetics for accessories (14%), components and chemical products (8%), fur (4%) and services (10%).

Italian companies had the biggest share of the exhibiting space (54%), followed by France (27%), Spain (12%) and six other countries (Belgium, Germany, Iceland, India, Portugal and Türkiye).

Le Cuir A Paris welcomed 9,949 visitors over the four days of the show, out of which around 70% were international visitors. The visitors’ access was directly from the main gallery of the exhibition park as well as the common entrances with the other fairs of Première Vision Pluriel.

For this edition of Le Cuir A Paris, the Trends Gallery took the form of a material library, rich in diversity, quality and innovation. The presentation of the spring/summer 2007 collections was based on three themes: Earth, Sea and Sky.

Earth: rustic leathers, colours close to roots with heavily worked aspects, but also silky ornate aspects for rich, luxurious materials.

Sea: exotic leathers are very strong in this environment, under glass painting and honeycomb in the whole range of South Sea greens and blues.

Sky: delicate materials with a palpable freshness and light-as-air, spidery transparents opposed to bronze or silvery metallic gleams.

Leathers on show included: python-like calf leather, with wood-like scales from Myltan Newpell (France); natural tinted lizards from M Maison & Cie (France); straw-like leathers from Conceria Quesia (Italy); subtle glazed kids from Giovanni Gaiera and Bonaudo (Italy); iridescent crocs from France Croco and TCIM (France).

Exotic fish and hand-painted galuchats from A F di Ferdinando Albarello (Italy); embroidered exotic leathers from Industrie Pellami (Italy); metallic, whitened pythons from Caravel Pelli (Italy); classic whites from Tanneries Roux (France) and Curtidos Badia (Spain).

The richness of the offer in materials was presented in an exhibition of the IFM (French Institute of Fashion) through the creations of ten different international designers. During the four days of the fair, gloves, shoes and leather clothing (all co-signed by prestigious names in fashion such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Arcus, Weston, J-P Montaigne) were displayed.

Next edition: September 19-22, 2006