Atlas Refinery Inc have expanded their line of stuffing compounds:

Atlasol KLW-N is a water emulsifiable hot stuffing compound for heavy weight shoe uppers. Leathers produced with Atlasol KLW-N have a strong pull-up effect, tight break, uniform dark colour and a waxy feel.

Atlasol ALX is a cationic semi-stuffing compound based on natural and syn-thetic lubricants for shoe uppers, upholstery pull-up and garments. Leathers have a very tight break, uniform colour, a clean pull-up and an oily waxy feel.

Atlas have also improved their line of high quality waterproof products by adding two new products:

Atlasol WSP is their new economical resin/silicone fatliquor for waterproofing shoe uppers or garment leathers. Leathers produced with Atlasol WSP have a good break and nice soft touch.

Atlasol 711 is their newest combination waterproofing fatliquor. Atlasol 711 has been designed to impart excellent break, excellent yield, uniform colour, nice touch and superior buffing characteristics. This waterproofing product was specifically designed to eliminate the yield loss and buffing problems commonly associated with standard waterproofing systems.

Another new product has been developed to impart a silky smooth touch on softy leathers. Eureka BBA is a new fatliquor based on Lecithin. Eureka BBA is designed for softy nappa, suede, garment and furniture upholstery leathers.

The product imparts excellent softness and a smooth and silky touch. It can also be used as a topping oil to create the desired handle.