The National Museum of Scotland have recently reopened following a £47.4 million ($75.8 million) redevelopment to transform them into one of the world’s leading museums and a destination tourist attraction in Scotland.

Within the museum, Andrew Muirhead leather was used in the main restaurant, The Brasserie, a prominent feature within the entrance hall. Hides in Ingleston Scarlet were specified for both the central banquette seating and on a long, curved wall at the rear.

The design company commissioned by the National Museum of Scotland, Path Design said: ‘We felt that it would be in-keeping to use a quality Scottish supplier for the National Museum of Scotland. We use Andrew Muirhead for a large number of our projects as we feel that the colour range, affordability and quality are all great factors.’

The Ashmolean Museum was Britain’s first public museum and is home to Oxford University’s collections of art and archaeology. The recent transformation provides 39 new galleries along with a temporary exhibition space.

Chosen for their high quality finish and colour matching, Andrew Muirhead hides in Ingleston Poppy were used to re-upholster seating within the museum – a hint of colour that lifted the spaced and matched the modern redesign.

As well as the classic colour range sourced for both the museums, the flexible manufacturing process that is used by Andrew Muirhead ensures that bespoke colours can be created for projects that require specific shades or colour matching.

Archie Browning, Sales Director for Andrew Muirhead commented: ‘Finding our leather in iconic buildings integral to the landscape of Britain is further testament to the quality, durability and overall high standard that Andrew Muirhead leather has become known for.’