Carbosorb Plus is a new, disposable vapour-adsorbing mask from Charcoal Cloth International (CCI), world leaders in activated charcoal cloth products. The new mask is said to give leather industry workers the best protection to date of any single-use respirator.

A layer of Zorflex-activated charcoal cloth with a vapour and solvent-adsorbent microporous internal surface area of 3,600m2 is built into the mask to give wearers superior protection. With an adjustable nosebridge allowing it to fit any size or shape of face, the Carbosorb Plus mask is described as very comfortable to wear. High airflow lets leather industry workers breathe freely while working in environments where vapours, sprays, fumes or dusts are present.

CCI global sales director, Bob Brown, said: ‘The Carbosorb Plus mask uses the remarkable vapour-adsorbent properties of activated charcoal cloth to help improve health and safety while enhancing comfort, job satisfaction and performance for the wearer.’

Designed for up to eight hours protection against nuisance vapours and odours, as well as dusts down to 0.3 micron, the Carbosorb Plus mask is not for use in oxygen-deficient areas or with toxic contaminants.

Available in boxes of 25 with a reusable perspex box holder, it meets EEC standard FFP1(S) EN149: 2001 and carries the CE mark.