A high performance drying tunnel, type TSM/T, has been designed recently by Fratelli Carlessi and proposed in two working widths: 3,000 and 3,400mm. The tunnel can be supplied for heating systems working with steam, hot water, diathermic oil and also gas (TSM/M-Gas).

The main features of each unit are as follows:

* 3.2m in length

* air is circulated through and high performing centrifugal electro-ventilator positioned at the side of the cell wall, which also houses the air delivery chamber, the heating battery (for steam), hot water, diathermic oil and tube nests. A different version is supplied for use with gas

* trapezoid air circulation hood which ensures an even distribution of the air over the whole length of the conveyor beneath. Under the hood, which is positioned over the conveyor belt, even distribution of hot air over the hides to be dried is guaranteed by a set of deflectors placed perpendicularly to the conveyor

* the depression caused by the recycled air being sucked in from the area below the hide conveyor keeps even the smallest and lightest hides from moving around. By using this technical solution, Carlessi have been able to take maximum advantage of the ventilation, making the drying process faster and efficient

* very thick thermal insulation

* each tunnel is complete with one or more electronic devices for temperature control; one or more humidity extractors are placed in the room, according to the number of units in the line.

Gas burners, of course, are supplied with the gas fired version and with the exception of this model, single temperature regulators can be provided. It is also possible to provide double filtration of the recycled air if required.