BASF will again be attending the Tanning Tech exhibition and can be found in hall 34, stand B20. This year’s motto is ‘Experience the next generation of BASF products’.

The main focus is on innovative products and processes that offer ecological and economic advantages. An international team of leather specialists will be on hand to advise customers and to provide information on the latest developments, as well as on the comprehensive range of established, high-quality products for use at all stages in the production of leather and fur.

BASF will display a variety of new products that make it possible to produce leather in an economical and environmentally-friendly way.

Astacin Novomatt GG is a polyurethane-based top coat with a high physical fastness. It can be applied to all types of leather, but it is particularly appropriate for use on automotive leather.

The leather has a soft, natural handle, and it does not have the unpleasant ‘squeak’ that is often characteristic of upholstery leather. The surface has a lasting matt appearance.

Astacin Novomatt GG also has a number of ecological advantages: it is free of N-methylpyrrolidone, it has an extremely low VOC content and it is free from formaldehyde, tributyl tin compounds and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE).

Lipoderm Liquor SP is an anionic fatliquor, ideally suited for all kinds of leathers, wet-white and wet-blue. It guarantees a full leather with a tight grain combined with a very pleasant touch and soft handle.

Lipoderm Liquor SP is free from fish oil, formaldehyde and APEs and is specially recommended for shoe nappa and car seat leather.

Corial Ultrasoft NT is an innovative acrylic binder which can be used for all types of leather, especially for shoe upper, upholstery and garment leathers.It combines a very soft finish film with excellent print retention, without displaying any tackiness on embossing and piling.

Corial Ultrasoft NT exhibits good covering while keeping a natural mill grain.

BASF have also extended their range of polymeric tanning agents by adding Relugan SM.This polymeric tanning agent is free from formaldehyde and has high fastness levels, which makes it particularly effective for tanning shoe upper leather.

It results in leather with a very full handle, improves the tightness of the grain and enhances the distribution of fatliquors and dyes through the cross-section of the leather.

Lepton Enhancer CP is a water-based product with very high coverage for defects when it is applied as a base coat. Only small amounts need be applied in order to hide defects in the grain.

Lepton Enhancer CP does not impair the natural appearance of leather, and high fastness levels can be obtained when it is applied in combination with other BASF finishing auxiliaries. This product also ensures that high-quality results are obtained when the leather is embossed. It is very effective on upholstery, automotive and shoe upper leather, especially leather made from low-grade crust.

Hall 34, stand B20