We apologise unreservedly to Quimica Central de Mexico for attributing their innovative new fatliquors to another company in our July issue. Fatliquors for white and pastel leathers, Quicemol ST1 and 3100, are manufactured by Quimica Central and we are sorry for any confusion we may have caused.

Quicemol ST1 is a combination of sulfated synthetic fatty esters, paraffins and selected emulsion agents. It has an active ingredient concentration of 82% and can be used for all types of leather.

Quicemol ST1 offers total compatibility with other fatliquors and there is no oxidation (yellowing) in the dry resting stage or finishing of the leather. It is ideal for white and pastel leathers and imparts a characteristic pleasant scent.

The product will not loosen the grain and results in an important increase in the physical properties of tear resistance and grain rupture.

It is capable of full exhaustion and can be emulsified in cold water, has a great resistance to electrolytes, and can also be used in the chrome re-tan and even in the tanning phase.

Quicemol 3100 is a clear amber, viscous sulfated fatliquor with good penetration, excellent for deep penetration in thick hides to be used for shoe leather.

Manufactured from natural sulfated and synthetic oils, with emulsifiers selected to guarantee stability and penetration.

It offers very good lightfastness, which makes it ideal as a fatliquor for white and pastel leathers.

Quicemol 3100 imparts excellent softness and smoothness and increases the physical properties of the leather including: tear resistance, grain rupture and tension. It has a characteristic pleasant scent.