Rohm and Haas have announced plans to build a new manufacturing facility in the Moscow region. The proposed plant will produce polymer emulsions for a number of markets including paint and coatings materials, and adhesives.

The plant is a greenfield facility with close proximity to key customers and with excellent access to local and imported raw materials and all key utilities. Construction at the site will begin in the first half of 2008 with completion planned for early 2009.

The new plant will have an initial capacity of 50,000 metric tons, with a planned expansion to 70,000 metric tons to meet rapidly growing demand for polymer emulsions.

The plant is the company’s largest investment in Russia to date and will be wholly-owned by Rohm and Haas. It will create employment in the area for chemical engineers, operators and administrative personnel.

‘Rohm and Haas is delighted to make this bold step in the Russian market’, said Raj L. Gupta, chairman, president and chief executive officer. ‘We have been active in Russia for more than 30 years through our affiliates. We provide solutions for the paint, construction, packaging, water treatment and industrial processes industries. This investment heralds a new commitment by Rohm and Haas into what we consider to be one of our core growth markets.’

Rohm and Haas is the world leader in environmentally advanced polymer emulsion technology. For more than 50 years, the company has successfully designed polymer materials that bring valuable characteristics to its customers’ products. The company makes a versatile range of emulsion binders and additives used to formulate interior and exterior wall paints that perform extremely well, can satisfy local cultural preferences for paint finishes, and work well in regional weather conditions. The company also offers acrylic adhesives that are used to make insulated panels for building construction, pressure sensitive adhesives, as well as packaging and label adhesives.

‘Establishing dedicated manufacturing in Russia will enable us to deliver our technically advanced products faster to the local domestic Russian market and to the neighbouring markets of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic States. We are committed to bringing innovative products and tailor- made solutions to the marketplace’, commented Jean-Francois Mayer, Director of the Company’s Central and Eastern Europe and Türkiye markets.