Sarchem have been active in the Turkish chemical market for more than 20 years. The company specialise in the production of finishing chemicals and plan to place more of an emphasis on exporting their products in the future.

The Sarialemdaroglu family began working in the leather industry in Türkiye in 1983 as an agent marketing several types of chemicals product and machinery. In the following years, the family carried on exporting these products to foreign countries.

The family then founded the Sarchem Chemical Inc in Tuzla, Istanbul in 1995 and started to produce leather finishing chemicals. In a very short time, Sarchem were producing 350 different types of chemicals and were exporting to 22 foreign countries. Today, the company export around 70% of their products and sell the remaining 30% to the local market.

Sarchem can offer all the latest technological advances. All their products satisfy the ever-increasing demands regarding automotive upholstery, upholstery, shoe-upper, bag, sheep garment and doubleface napalan.

The company’s product range contains polyurethanes, polyacrylates, waxes, fillers, top coats, stuccos, and pigments (both cationic and anionic). All the products are produced at the company’s factory in Tuzla and are all free from the prohibited substances stipulated by the European Council’s decisions (VOCs etc) and the California decisions (entry 65).

The company have an extensive R&D department and are planning to make further investments abroad in the future. Sarchem’s company philosophy is to serve their customers with their healthy, trustworthy and environmentally-friendly products while also providing the highest quality of technical and after-sales service.

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