I n recent times, Saric were one of the leading companies to develop casein-free pigments known as their CF Pigment range. Such products are useful for upholstery leathers and their resistance to water prevents water spotting on the leather.

‘We have thousands of products in our range and they include adhesives and a new range of binders for covering surface defects’, he added. ‘We can develop any type of finish for any type of leather.’

Saric are located in the southern French town of Graulhet, near Toulouse. The company were established in 1957 supplying chemicals for finishing. Graulhet was the capital of the French leather garment business and an ideal location for leather chemical companies to be located. However, over the years most of the tanneries have closed and, today, only ten still exist in the area. Graulhet is also located close to the area of Mazamet, the centre of the French woolskin processing industry.

Since the demise of the local business, Saric have set-up an international network of agents and now 90-95% of their production is exported. Ten years ago the main market was southern France. Their main activities are mixing and blending ingredients to produce tailor-made leather finishing compounds.

Major markets now include South Korea, China, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Portugal, Spain and Italy. They have set up an office and warehouse in Shanghai and have the services of three technicians to look after the local business.

‘Conditions in the world market are not great at the moment for a number of reasons. But Vietnam is an emerging market and I have heard that some Chinese companies are switching production from China to supply the local footwear makers’, Tiraboschi, told Leather International. For further information visit [http://www.saric.fr]