The first Pakistan Mega Leather Show in early March at the Lahore International Expo Centre laid a foundation for tremendous potential for Pakistan leather. Jointly organised by all the allied stakeholders of the country’s strong leather sector, such as the Pakistan Tanners Association (PTA) and the Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA), it was a resounding effort after a long pause to showcase the finest quality of finished leather, and allied services like machinery and chemicals.

More than 300 exhibitors took part and in between all the various programmes business was brisk. And considering expectations were surpassed afterward, enthusiasm to organise the second edition was very strong. It’s only fitting to have a show presence in the region considering the increasing demand of leather footwear in Pakistan, which reached $120 million in 2013-14.

After the last day of the show, and comments were received from local and foreign participants for their interest to continue the show next year, PFMA, in collaboration with PTA, Pakistan Leather Garments Manufacturers & Exporter Association (PLGMEA) and the Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers & Exporters Association (PGMEA), will hold the second edition of the Pakistan Mega Leather Show on 27-29 January 2016 in Lahore, again at the International Expo Centre with the aim to organise a national pavilion to celebrate various countries like Italy, Turkey, Spain, China, India, Bangladesh, France and Germany, among others.

A closer look

Sharing details of the show, PFMA chairman Waseem Zakaria said that the manufacturers would have a chance to discuss local footwear industry and future challenges with visiting counterparts.

He said that the upcoming exhibition – that would be dedicated to all sectors of the leather industry – would be a stepping stone, as this exhibition will provide a perfect occasion for companies to showcase their best products in front of local and international buyers.
It’s expected that the show will help enable a viable platform for local and foreign exhibitors established at the first show for a rapidly growing exposition of finished leather. At the same time, the leather garments and leather gloves associations have also joined with PFMA and PTA to participate with a broader spectrum with multiobjectives primarily for the promotion of further strengthening the domestic industries.

This event will also open a new era for foreign exhibitors, customers and visitors to coordinate with the Pakistani leather industry and allied sectors for mutual understanding and business collaboration.

Other activities

Press conferences, seminars and group dialogue will also be held during the Pakistan Mega Leather Show 2016, like last year’s event. The speakers of this year’s seminar/dialogue will be from India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

All the stakeholders of the leather industry are vigorously committed to expand the scope of the show more vibrantly around the globe. An encouraging response has so far been received from foreign and locals exhibitors for participation in the second show, particularly from Russia, Turkey, India, China and Italy.