The tannery started operating in 2003 and produces 4,000 skins/day as pickle and wet-blue. Under the expansion plan they should progress to finished glove leather from sheepskins and shoe upper leather from goat, sheep and cattle.
The expansion is planned in two phases. In the first phase the tannery will grow to a processing capacity of 6,000 skins and 600 hides/day. After the second phase is completed, production capacity will have grown to 10,000 skins and 1,000 hides/day.
In addition to the tannery expansion, a footwear factory is also planned for the production of one million pairs/year and a glove manufacturing plant for 1.5 million pairs/year. Estimated employment figures are around 1,300, up from the current 200 employees at Sheba Tannery.