The SprayStar 3400 spray finishing cabinet from Gemata comes complete with a drying tunnel and cooling cell. It has been designed specifically for finishing whole hides for the furniture and automotive upholstery tanners.

The cabin has been designed to be placed in-line following rollercoating with a rollercoater such as Gemata’s JumboStar for full hides.

The octagonal shape is made from steel and aluminium and it optimises the internal air exhaust flow, preventing fume stagnation in the corners of the unit. The three sets of aluminium double doors on either side of the cabinet allow unrestricted access inside the cabin. The easy access allows sliding trays to be removed for a more simple and faster cleaning of the cabin and conveyor. Cleaning is also made easier with the inclusion of a dust collection tank.

There can be up to twelve spray guns fitted to the carousel which are triggered by a leather surface detector bar that is equipped with 110 in-line photodiodes which scan the leather as it passes with a precision that is less than one tenth of a foot.

All electronic and pneumatic controls of the conveyor and carousel are located on a single display panel. The panel shows the line speed, the number of pieces finished and the total area of leather coated in square feet. Data on spray gun performance is also shown.

The steel spray gun brackets have been covered with a non-sticking coating and a hollow section for clearing air and finishing product hoses internally. This reduces the vortex effect and allows for faster cleaning between cycles.

A water mist air cleaner restricts fume build up during operation. The cleaner comprises several stainless steel filters and a sedimentation tank that is easily accessible for rapid fume extraction and easy maintenance. The exhaust capacity is 25,000m3/hour and the solid particle emission is less than 3.5 mg/m3 of expelled fumes.

An automatic weighing system can also be supplied on request to control the consumption of process chemicals.