Stahl Asia have used the recent Guangzhou Shoe and Leathergoods Fair to launch a new marketing initiative based on their symposium theme ‘Fashion Future’ and a slogan to bring their emphasis on fashion as their focus, ‘Fashioning Your Future’. The theme ‘Fashion Future’ and the slogan ‘Fashioning Your Future’ will be used in the coming months to link all presentations and fashion aids produced by Stahl Asia for their customers throughout the region.

The two slogans in both Mandarin and English, along with the Stahl logo, were projected in a ‘dancing light display’ above a new collection of leather finishes shown both on sides and on a collection of shoes, belts and handbags. Customers visiting the stand were presented with the latest trend catalogue containing photographs of the key leathers on display together with details of the products used and the latest colour trends.

Over 150 finishes were displayed on examples of leather almost all of which had been processed by Stahl’s Colours and Tanning Products Division in Asia, assisted by team members from India, Europe and the United States of America. Leathers were grouped to represent trends focusing on cationics, old worn effects (including the rough-surfaced ‘Old Emperor’ and the more subtle silky surface of ‘Old Empress’), and fantasy effects such as ‘New York lights’ in which silver stucco had been spotted onto black leather to give an impression of skyscrapers against the night sky. Upgrading, Maquillage and Brush-off were used throughout the display to demonstrate how easily blemished surfaces could be disguised.

Other highlights included the use of brush strokes of colour applied in different ways to provide new application ideas and friction glazed leathers from India to show the exceptional quality of Stahl’s use of casein products.

Finally, the local team in China produced a series of flyers explaining the use and description of all the new products that had been used to process and finish the collection and there was also a continuous plasma screen video presentation accompanied by music that emphasised the key highlights of the display. It was a new approach for Stahl, showing how modern technology can be used to ‘Fashioning Your Future’.