Since January 1, 2007, New 3P have acquired the activities of the company formerly known as 3P. This was made possible because of the synergy between Mosconi SpA and Escomar Italia srl, companies with established positions in the market for many years and known for the reliability and quality of their products.

The New 3P will maintain the structure of the previous company remaining autonomous and independent with regard to Mosconi and Escomar. However, the new 3P will initiate further technological development of the machines so far produced:

* through-feed fleshing machine

* wet-blue sammying machine

* staking machine

* roller coater

Their first action is to assure clients of their maximum support backed by the efficiency of the machines. They hope that their efforts and the combined support of Mosconi and Escomar will allow the New 3 P to continue successfully and enhance their presence on the international market of machines for tanners.