Just as the colours in nature range from cool to vibrant, just as atmosphere can reflect peace or energy, so too are the colours in the Stahl Colour Forecast for spring and summer 2006 derived from the feelings of nature and atmosphere.

Stucco calls attention to the colour and feel of the surface through smooth polished bone and marble effects, contrasting with raised carved surfaces echoing eighteenth century neo-classical styles. Colours are creamy, grey and crystal green.

Still means a warm, sensual neutrality giving the atmosphere of calm after a hot summer day. Grey greens and nature’s browns allow softened and faded effects to stand beside influences from the colonies, from North Africa, from India and from France.

Sultry is an atmosphere of peace and transformation. Colours are pastel greens, creams and browns producing a feeling of either calm and tranquility or of the hardness of tiles, ceramics, wood and metal.

Orchid brings a combination of feminism and naturalness with a hint of cool, sensual colours contrasting with more vivid tones. Like most orchids, colours are purple, violet and red combining nature and the aggressively whimsy and modern.

Contemporaneity is a complete contrast bringing in hard silhouettes and clean curvy lines with a more masculine approach. Greenish ochres, red-browns and greys are colours that come in this group, colours which reflect the natural colours of the desert, the savannah and the vineyards. Here is an opportunity to break the rules and provide accessories to the maximum.

Sweet Art allows the real and unreal to meet. Here there are pretty soft brights ranging from pastels to yellows, oranges, soft blues and greens that can be brought together and allowed to compete and contrast in almost any combination. Imagine plastics, cake decorations and happy fabrics and the variety of colours that are used for each.

Ozone, the last of the colour groups, is an atmosphere of pure energy and light. Cool, pastel creams, greys and blues create their own atmospheres just they do in nature, architecture, satins and transparencies. This is an exhilarating group of colours with a positive look to the future.

As with any colour forecast, shades and tones will vary across the world. The main colours and local variations will be seen in Stahl’s leather displays at the major international and local leather fairs around the world.