Time features strongly on the cover of the colour preview brochure. It is a reminder that colours are related to activities and to time. To illustrate this to the best advantage, Stahl’s Design Studio has chosen to use what we wear as the basis for illustrating the colours that can be expected in the spring and Summer 2013 season.

A wide selection of colour swatches provides a guide to the leading edge colours that may be expected to be in vogue and which the leather industry will support for clothing, shoes, leather goods and other fashion items. Calming gentle pastels are happy alongside vivid and lively brights.

Starting at ‘7am in the Morning’, waking from dreams calls for calm and for soft, quiet, cool colours. Pastels form the heart of the spectrum, providing sweetness and serenity.

Move on to lunchtime and ‘12 o’clock’ colours are bright and warm, flooding the scene with purity, strength and optimism. These are the colours of the working day in the urban environment, full of life, intensity and energy.

Head home for ‘5pm Time Tea’ and colours take on a new role, a new mix of British and Japanese influence. This is a time to pause and relax, and perhaps to reflect on times past. What is the new influence? It is an inspiration of Japanese geisha, tea leaves and water, mystics and spiritual tones, of shadows that precede the evening.

All too soon it is ‘9pm Party Time’. Night is lit by the shadow coloured shades of the moon and by the bright lights of the world of entertainment. Dark colours are lit by reverberating bright colours from across the spectrum.

The companion poster is a reflection of these moods with bright colours on a coarse weave dress complementing a flower in the girl’s hair, a reminder of fashion past and present.