Retailers and importers of consumer products keen to guard consumer safety have contacted Satra for advice on how to comply with the legislation following the EU wide ban of the chemical. By using their own procedure, Satra carries out analysis of product or materials for DMF as well as give advice on mould problems and the use of silica gel and other packing materials.
Dimethylfumarate is a powerful chemical, which has been used to prevent mould growth on leather products during transportation and storage and is now judged to be hazardous to health. The decision to ban the use of DMF in all consumer products sold in the European Union protects consumers from the risk of exposure to this substance found to cause allergic reactions such as skin itching, irritation, redness and burns in some individuals.
Satra is running a half-day general seminar on DMF (dimethylfumarate) in furniture. This will take place on December 10 2009. For further information visit