Syn-Bios, who describe themselves as a technologically avant-garde firm, will be presenting their summer proposals at IILF. They say: ‘Our excellent know-how regarding the chemical treatment of leather and hide comes from first hand experience of the real problems faced by the tanning industry.

‘We can proudly boast a network of skilled technicians who guarantee ready, fast and decisive assistance, in accordance with the Syn-Bios business philosophy.

On their stand at IILF they will display their new trend selection based on specialities for spring and summer 2008 which continues their tradition which is strictly bound to creativity and innovation.

Blue Angels: light and deep blue, waxy leathers with a shining effect to emulate the heavens.

Warm Swamp: brown and yellow-green, hot orange and blood red, a mixture of indefinite colours applied on classical and printed items.

Enchanting Forest: Green trees, indigo sky, coloured dragons, fabled creatures. Only fairyland can inspire this trend.

Dolls Swing: Glitter and shiny leathers for dancing. Light and pastel colours. Honey, ivory, pink tints.