On October 18 a half-day conference titled ‘Future Shoe’ will take in the Service Centre, Block D of the Bologna Fiera (between halls 33/34 and 35. The conference (9.30am – 1pm) will look at mass produced, tailor-made and direct production methods for footwear construction. The conference is supported by ANCI (the Italian Footwear Association) and includes speakers from Assomac, the University of Genoa and entrepreneurs from the sector.

The second conference will take place on October 20 and is titled: ‘Technology and Sustainability – the challenge in leather manufacturing’. The half-day conference (9.30am – 1pm) includes the details of UNIC’s environmental report for 2011 and is presented by UNIC director, Salvatore Mercogliano. The second session features presentations from a number of experts from India, China and Italy as well as from the University of Pisa.

The environment conference will also take place at the Service Centre in Block D of the Bologna Fiera.

For more information visit: www.tanning-tech.it