Springtime means freshness and innovation and the air of renewal can be breathed in the fashion world too. Sun-bleached surfaces absorb the brightest light and dilute it in a scale of herbal colours. A craving for nature, blending a varied range of botanical accents, is used to create a light, feminine style, with an exotic touch.
The colour preferences are divided into three categories: Chic, Classic and Casual. Styling directions as well as general fashion considerations and article trends are included in the catalogue together with leather samples and recipes from beamhouse through to finishing.
Chic shades are characterised by ocean and transparent tones. Earth and water evoke a natural and refreshing sense of calm. The nuances from the deep blue of the sea to very bright and shiny tones arise from northern seascapes. Details include faded metals, oxidation effects, basketwork finishes, tricot, lace and overlaying.
Classic nuances cover equatorial and warm tones. Flowers from distant lands and sunsets evoke a particularly exotic charm. The nuances of plant life are mixed with dramatic contrasts. Indonesia is the source of natural inspiration with its amazing flora. Details include laser treatments, stencil style incisions, mother of pearl effect shells and reptile skins embellished with holographic finishes.
Casual shades comprise dense, earthy tones, tropical plants and roots evoke a primitive, uncontaminated world. Natural shades of plants and leaves mixed with wood hues blend together playing on wild combinations. Vietnam is the source of natural inspiration with its lush forests.
To round off the Colour Trends and Fashion Inspirations, TFL are also presenting a full range of trendy leathers for the spring/summer 2007 season, which are developed by TFL’s specialists in shoes and leathergoods in Italy.
The catalogue for leather is published twice a year in February and September. One of the main assets of this catalogue for TFL customers is that it is published 21 months in advance of the retail season.