To minimise the shortage of raw skins, the Pakistan government is working on a law to curb the smuggling of livestock to Afghanistan. This unauthorised transportation of cattle via the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) has caused shortages in the local market. The prices of raw skins imported from Afghanistan through illegal routes are high. Though the provincial government and Fata administration have taken several steps, the illegal exports are still going on due to the lucrative profits being made. A move to put in place livestock-specific anti-smuggling legislation has become necessary to deal with the problem effectively.

‘There are no livestock-specific anti-smuggling laws in the country, therefore the government has not been very successful in checking the illegal practice’, said an official of the NWFP food department. Greater profits, according to market sources, have encouraged smuggling of cattle to Afghanistan and a strong network of smugglers operating in Fata, the NWFP and Punjab.