Spanish leather chemical manufacturer, Pielcolor, have produced several new leather finishing products including two thermo sensitive colours, two crosslinking top coats and ten amphoteric pigments. The details of each are as follows:

Magic Compact

The major development at Pielcolor is the introduction of the thermo sensitive, Magic Compact colours, which are available in black and fuchsia at the moment and Pielcolor plan more colours in the future. Magic Compact have the ability to change the colour of the leather when the surface comes into contact with heat. The colours can be added after applying an initial light coloured base coat and they can be applied to garment, shoe upper and upholstery leathers.

The final leather changes colour when it touches heat sources such as the hands or feet. Colour change is particularly evident above 30°C. By applying a lightly coloured base coat, many shades can be achieved.

The new products, Magic Compact Black XLCP 04739 and Fuchsia XLCP 04764 are a mixture of compact binders, auxiliaries and thermo sensitive pigments with a black or fuchsia colour. They recommend the application of 2-4 coats following a light coloured pigmented base coat. After spraying Magic Coat, apply an aqueous or solvent top lacquer or urethane depending on the article. The new pigments should be stored between 5-40°C and they should be kept away from direct sunlight or freezing.

New crosslinkers

Pielcolor have also introduced both dull and shiny top coat crosslinkers. The two new compounds provide the leather with good physical properties and they are more natural and cost effective than other pu finishing systems. XLRT 04735 provides a dull finish and XLRT 04395 gives a glossy appearance.

Both can be applied as top coats to upholstery, footwear upper and garment articles. However, XLRT 04395 may give insufficient performance on shoe upper leather. They are non-thermoplastic and non-sticky with good all round fastness properties. Both are solvent free and give a hard and flexible film.

Amphoteric pigments

Following many years of experience producing cationic and anionic pigments, Pielcolor have released a new range of amphoterically charged pigments. The advantage of the Series PA (pigment amphoteric) products are that they can be used with both anionic and cationic finishing systems.

At the moment, Series PA is available in ten colours and Pielcolor are intending to increase the range in the future.