Two technologists have joined an exclusive group of footwear specialists who have achieved the status of SATRA Accredited Footwear Technologist (SAFT).

Nicola Land, of Airwair International, of Northamptonshire, UK, and Jennifer Potts, of Marks & Spencer, in London, are the latest candidates to have achieved success during the eight years the global-wide course has been operated by the technology centre.

The pair had to undertake modules on lasts and fitting; materials and constructions; laboratory testing procedures; product design, performance and risk assessment; and quality assurance and supplier auditing. Then they had to satisfy assessors by passing a final examination.

Nicola has four years of experience in the footwear industry. She was technical manager at Airwair when she started the course last year and has since been promoted to quality manager. She says: ‘The course was excellent in the way it has reinforced the day to day knowledge I have gained.’

Jennifer has been with Marks & Spencer for two and half years and specialises in footwear product technology. She says: ‘The course was complex and demanding but it was a valuable experience.’

SATRA deputy chief executive Richard Turner, one of the course assessors, adds: ‘As more and more footwear is being resourced and produced globally, it is vital that footwear technologists keep abreast of the latest developments.

‘Because this award carries SATRA endorsement, we set very high standards. The SAFT qualification earns each successful candidate valuable recognition and credibility worldwide.’