Despite the contraction in sales in the American area, 2001 closed with an increase in exports for shoemaking machinery, tanning machinery and machinery for leathergoods (+10.21%).

This positive result was the consequence of an outstanding start to the year (+21.50% in the first six months), which was followed by a slowdown in the second half. The negative trend still continues due to the international political situation and the economic crises in South American countries.

The sector that performed best was that of traditional shoemaking machines (+18.93%) with Spain importing more than any other (+134,23%), overtaking Romania, the second biggest importer of Italian machines (+26.55%) powered by the effect of delocalisation. China and Hong Kong increased their import of machines (+49.17%), with an increase that is undoubtedly interesting, but in absolute terms is not in line with the growth in production of the shoemaking industry.

Following the good progress made in 2000 (+19.21%), exports of tanning machines underwent a slight drop (-0.98%). A closer examination of sales statistics for the various areas reveals that the only area where sales are increasing is Asia (+17.22%): the main markets being China and Hong Kong (with an increase of 25.49%). However, interesting sales figures emerge for certain countries with a tanning vocation such as Brazil (+11.19%), Spain (+14.31%) and India (+62.19%).