The new-generation tanning and retanning systems from Codyeco are not only some of the best innovations currently in the leather industry, they also offer piece of mind for sustainability, environmental issues and corporate social responsibility.

Having eco-sustainable production processes is crucial for the success of the whole leather industry. It makes leather products stand out and gives them a cutting edge that will soon become an indispensable requirement across the board.


According to Codyeco’s philosophy, leather is a renewable, sustainable material. As a result, it has to have a high ecological content. Owing to this deep conviction, Codyeco’s research and development department has devised a new generation of tanning and retanning systems that guarantee:

  • replacement of fossil raw materials with renewable materials
  • elimination of reduced substances such as formaldehyde, chrome and phenol
  • reduction of the use of organic and inorganic salts
  • sizeable decrease in CO2 and wastewater conductivity
  • generation of renewable by-products
  • sizeable reductions in processing time, with consequent decreases in the amount of water used and energy needed (fewer CO2 emissions).

Make the changes

Codyeco’s research labs propose the following new systems for the tanning sector:

  • Pure White: excellent alternative to traditional aldehyde tanning and syntans, based on the tanning capacities of Floretan THP, and formulated with special active principles, among which is THPS. This technology can produce very white skins, with a low specific weight and excellent physicomechanical properties. The resulting item is also exceptionally round and full in comparison with traditional wet-white products. In environmental terms, it stands out thanks to the total lack of chrome, phenol and formaldehyde in the products and industrial waste, and the total biodegradability of the shavings and process by-products.
  • Bio White: new organic tanning system free from metals and aldehydes. The process, based on Codyeco’s Floretan GG, produces very firm skins with a fine grain suited to brightly coloured, light-fast articles. Tanning that uses this procedure totally eliminates the pickling phase, causing a notable reduction in the salinity of the beamhouse effluent and in the processing times.
  • Dyeco Bio: innovative retanning process based on seven specific products with a biopolymer base and no formaldehyde, phenol or salts.


This last range includes:

  • Dyeco Bio TC: replacement for tanning tannins
  • Dyeco Bio VG: replacement for pyrogallol tannins
  • Dyeco Bio SN: replacement for tannins for white colours
  • Dyeco Bio RD: replacements for dicyandiamide resins
  • Dyeco Bio RA: replacement for acrylic resins
  • Dyeco Bio RM: replacement for melamine resins
  • Dyeco Bio DS: dispersant for colorants and tannins.


This range produces skins with an excellent fullness using limited quantities of even the liquid products. In addition, it gives highly intense and uniform dyeing results.