Innovation has taken the world by storm, resulting in the development of new technologies that address the challenges all companies face. Leading the charge for innovation is Silvateam, which helps its customers serve their end users better, and makes sure that everyone gets the care and solutions they need. Thinking outside the box can make a real difference in the competitive leather environment, and Silvateam achieves successful results by cooperating with customers. The company's R&D has been developing innovative solutions in the fields of vegetable extracts, synthetic tannins, fatliquors, resins and auxiliaries.

Chestnut XCR

This new 'sweetened' chestnut extract has a lower degree of astringency and behaves differently during tanning. Thanks to a special sulphitation process, it is possible to obtain an extract that easily penetrates into the leather, giving it a fine and elastic grain. Chestnut XCR is a versatile product, suitable for vegetable, wetwhite and wet-blue articles. It is also used for the retanning of chrome-free leathers for a wide range of items, providing incomparable fullness, roundness and lightfastness.

Tanextra MSA

Tanextra MSA is a modified vegetable extract specially developed to produce vegetable-tanned leathers with a distinctive pale rose colour. This extract, which has a high tannin concentration, can be used in tanning and retanning. Leathers obtained with Tanextra MSA have good fullness and roundness characteristics.

Ledoresin GUM

Ledoresin GUM is a retanning agent based on synthetic latex dispersed in a disulphone syntan. This resin has been designed to improve the physical properties of leather – such as tear and tensile strength – by imparting fullness and roundness, while guaranteeing softness and excellent lightfastness. Ledoresin GUM provides a pleasant and gummy touch, making it suitable for shoes and leather goods.

Ledoresin A84

As a short-chain acrylic resin with a soft and elastic film, Ledoresin A84 can penetrate deeply and spread uniformly throughout fibres. It can be used during different stages, including neutralisation, retanning and fatliquoring. It helps dyeing uniformity on the whole surface – even on head wrinkles – and obtains soft, tight grain articles, especially for leather goods and upholstery. Ecotan PAP A dispersed ellagic/gallic tannin, Ecotan PAP is mainly used in the pretannage, tannage and retannage of any leather that requires excellent fullness and tightness, as well as light and heat fastness. Ecotan PAP's high-penetration properties show an impressive light colour when used as a pretanning agent for wet-white leathers. It allows customers to develop chrome-free leathers, without using metals and aldehydes, thus combining the beauty of vegetable-tanned leather with the high performance requested by original equipment manufacturers.

Keusol SP EQ

Keusol SP EQ is a cationic ester used in pickling and retanning that imparts tear strength, softness and elasticity. It facilitates the fixation of anionic products, such as retanning agents, fatliquors and dyestuffs, especially in very anionic processes like full-vegetable or metal-free tanning. Keusol SP EQ increases cationic charges, rebalancing the anionic/cationic groups' ratio values.

The company

Silvateam's portfolio guarantees efficiency and sustainability for any leather-making process. Its main products are natural tannins extracted from different plants like chestnut, quebracho and tara. Its range includes synthetic tannins, special extracts, oils and fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, resins, anionic dyes and beamhouse chemicals for the wet end. A partnership with Biofin also provides finishing chemicals.

Silvateam is driven by its focus on innovation, quality and problemsolving. Developing technologies for sustainable leather making is part of the company's long-term strategy. Its environmentally friendly solutions include traditional vegetable tanning, chrome-free and metalfree leather systems, the eco-design of chemicals and processes that reduce carbon footprints and the discharge of pollutants in wastewater.

Silvateam's concern about environmental conservation fuels its commitment to using natural resources efficiently and implementing sustainable development policies, focusing on energy saving during production processes and optimising the use of raw materials