The new INK FOR LEATHER range is an innovative frontier of leather dyeing by Syn-Bios, which has been supplying tanneries since 1988. Leather International receives details from founder, current president and CEO Daniele Gastaldello, about this range of water-based inks for drum dyeing.

Leather chemical specialists Syn-Bios recently introduced ‘INK FOR LEATHER’, the new series of colours for the leather drum process – a range with the highest chemical-physical fastness and brilliant shades.

These new colours permit the highest degree of penetration in order to obtain a homogeneous tone in section and on the surface. The leather maintains its own natural feel and look. The innovative idea is to use pigments for dyeing leather. Until now, nobody has ever obtained the satisfactory results.

Innovation, care for details, objectivity and curious experimentation are some of the values that evolved over the years at Syn-Bios, the Italian company that is headquartered in Montebello Vicentino. These values have ruled its success in Italy and in major tanner centres worldwide.

"The idea to create a new system for dyeing leather with substances that could exceed the limits of traditional dyestuffs (solubility, poor light fastness, limited resistance to washing) could seem too ambitious since the dyeing process and the chemicals used in it have been the same for a very long time. We have proved that a seemingly unattainable goal has now come true," says founder, current president and CEO of Syn-Bios Daniele Gastaldello.

A range of ideas

The INK FOR LEATHER range has been conceived to obtain a selection of chemicals with the highest dyeing power and physical-chemical fastness.

"The reference to inks is appropriate for these products, because of the chemical nature of raw materials and for their aspect," adds Gastaldello. "The colours are liquid, and easy to mix and pour. Thanks to powders micro-grinding, we obtain a solution similar to dyestuffs."

INK FOR LEATHER colours may substitute dyestuffs during the traditional dye process. In fact, due to their amphoteric nature, they can dye chrome and vegetable-tanned leathers. So there is now a range of colours for all kinds of tanning systems that allows consistent results above all expectations – and dyeing with maximum fastness that is particularly good for finished leather in automotive.

The colour spectrum

With INK FOR LEATHER, colour in dyeing leather is possible with extraordinary fastness to light, washing, PVC migration, heat and chemical agents.

The INK FOR LEATHER system also ensures the total absence of salts and banned aromatic amines. The colours of the range comply with the most restrictive specifications imposed by the market, as products are free from any hazardous materials.

In creating the INK FOR LEATHER range, Syn-Bios has been focused on the environmental issues. The traditional dyestuffs contain salts, sulphates and chlorides in variable percentages, which contribute to the pollution of tannery sewage. INK FOR LEATHER colours are totally free from these substances. Thanks to their chemical nature, they are insoluble in water; therefore, during fixation, they are adsorbed on leather, allowing it to obtain a totally exhausted bath – avoiding colour contamination of sewage.

The INK FOR LEATHER range is particularly suggested for shoe upper, leather goods and garments, upholstery and automotive leathers.