APLF will launch sampleroom, a brand-new B2B social networking marketplace for suppliers to unveil their collections, connect with buyers and accelerate business. The platform provides year-round product sourcing and business matching services to both suppliers and buyers.

sampleroom will bring together international suppliers of leather, hides and skins, machinery, chemicals, components, manufacturing equipment and supplies, fashion items, footwear, and garments.

Birth of sampleroom
The sourcing behaviour of buyers has been reshaped. The exchange between buyer and suppliers have been extended beyond physical events to online. Thus, even the leather and fashion industries, which are regarded as traditional markets, are adopting to change, and even to take advantage of online platforms for staying connected and maximising business opportunities all year round. Driven by the changes in trading and sourcing behaviour, sampleroom is created to provide the industry with an easy-to-use sourcing and social networking online tool.

sampleroom is an open network that brings all stakeholders – suppliers, buyers, associations, and media together. It facilitates to build creative relationship between buyers, suppliers and innovators. The closer than ever networking brings creation and innovation. Users can use sampleroom as a creative digital space to generate new ideas and projects, in the meantime, get inspiration from showrooms, newsroom and educational materials available in sampleroom.

Responsible trading in the leather and fashion industries is more important than ever. sampleroom allows buyers to look for the right sustainable partners for their business through filtering over 40 recognised certificates.

sampleroom is a platform tailor-made for the whole industry to launch new products and showcase their concepts. Each month, sampleroom will highlight the suppliers with innovative and sustainable products or services to encourage the co-creation within our community.

sampleroom continues to set the bar for the industry by gathering the best leather and fashion goods producers. In sampleroom, buyers can discover over 2,000 product showcases which increase daily, search according to the product types, applications, seasonal collections, sustainability credentials, and more.

Although sampleroom is digital, human contact is how businesses connect. sampleroom is a pioneering networking site that allows people-to-people connection. The in-platform social tools are designed to create an engaging and interactive environment for suppliers and buyers. Users will be able to customise their company and personal profile pages to enhance their social presence. Through connection requests, meeting scheduling, private messages and video calls, and also the community feed and blog column, users will be fully integrated into the platform to communicate and stay in touch with the industry.

Sampleroom Launching Event

The much-anticipated platform will officially be live on 19 April, along with a one-week launching event from April 19 to 23. Over 30 webinars will be held during the launching week with industry experts and professionals sharing their knowledge and insights on topics on trends, sustainability, retail and innovations. Buyers can start pre-registering for the launching week by clicking here.