German high-end upholstered furniture supplier Erpo has chosen Lectra’s leather cutting solution Versalis and additional consulting and services to optimise production.

Using Versalis will enable Erpo to increase productivity and optimise hide use. The algorithms used in the associated automated nesting software will enable the company to reduce material consumption by more than 5% — a significant cost advantage considering the leather prices of the premium segment — while securing consistent quality.

Lectra experts will work closely with Erpo to integrate the cutting solution into the company’s current production processes. Additionally, Erpo is making use of Lectra’s Smart Services, which ensure an operational readiness of more than 90%.

"With Versalis, we will not only increase hide efficiency and cutting capacity but, due to its integration into our overall production process, we are also expecting a return on investment in less than sixteen months. Lectra continues to impress us with their ability to surpass our expectations," says Klaus Oevermann, managing director, Erpo.

"By incorporating Versalis into their production process, Erpo will be able to continue offering consumers the choice and quality they have come to expect while increasing their own material savings and production capacity," says Céline Choussy Bedouet, chief marketing officer, Lectra. "We are happy that Lectra can support them in strengthening and securing their market position and we look forward to developing the relationship between our companies."