The September edition (to be held from September 12-14, 2008) will have a new location in halls 1 to 7 of the fairground. According to organiser Kirsten Deutelmoser, the relaunch is part of the show’s on-going improvement and evolution aiming to provide the ultimate service for visitors and exhibitors.
She believes that the new structure of GDS is ‘even more transparent’ as it features shorter distances between clearly defined product segments, bringing together homogenous ‘lifestyle worlds.’
As of September, the GLS brand will be dropped. The thinking behind this is that GDS is the brand known in the industry. Now highly exclusive bags will be found alongside the highly exclusive shoes, in a ‘homogenous lifestyle world’. To enable brands to best display their bags, a new type of stand construction will be available to exhibitors in the bagcess area.
Fashion plaza in halls 4 and 5 provide retailers with precise trend information and thus a sales message to relay to the consumer. Special trends in components will also be displayed in hall 5. Organisers found that matching up shoes and outfits in ‘Trend Vision’ was not particularly effective so forthcoming editions of GDS will present outfits through fashion shows only.
Organisers are aware that volume buyers and specialised retail buyers have very different needs, so both groups now enjoy clearly separated areas. The volume segment, Global Shoes, is located in Halls 8a and 8b. The organisers have taken the unusual step of streamlining this event to ensure the quality level though there has been demand from new companies for space. Global Shoes will begin one day earlier than the rest of the exhibition, on September 11, ending on Saturday 13.
The scheduling recognises the fact that volume buyers don’t want to work weekends, while at GDS, Sunday opening is essential to enable smaller retailers to attend as many stores close on Sundays. In the current harsh retail climate, Deutelmoser believes it is essential for retailers to come and discover something new for their store.
The September edition will also continue to feature the international young designers awards (to be showcased in the design attack of Hall 3) and seminars from organisations such as Ars Arpel.
The new GDS layout will feature the following segments:
Hall 7: bAgCESS for fashionable bags and accessories which complement the specialised shoe trade.
Hall 7a: Kidwalk – children’s shoe brands get their own hall for the first time.
Hall 6: ‘essential’: the major German and European brands in the mainstream fashion segment are the foundations of GDS.
Hall 5: ‘superior’ is designated to international fashion collections in the mid price range.
Hall 4: ‘upper style’ houses established premium brands presenting their current trend collections
‘Prime square’: renowned high quality brands set the tone in this established concept.
‘Thepulse’: offers room for youthful creativity, highlighting selected designers and exciting collections
Hall 3 accommodates the ‘urban fresh’ and ‘Urban active’ areas for sporty footwear collections that combine high tech, function, comfort and design
Hall 2: white cubes: this successful concept has been carried forward from the last edition and presents progressive high fashion labels to an exclusive international audience
Hall 1: Urban authentic: Cult heritage labels that are true trendsetters show urban and streetwear of the future.
Urban spirit: urban brands with a clear mission